Caring for your Eyebrows

Following the first microblading session your eyebrows will need to heal.

Your Eyebrows After 6 to 8 Weeks

During the healing process, brows will start off darker. They will scab over. No picking please! Dry healing is required. When the scabs have fallen off, the brows will appear darker. This can fade but don’t worry, this is part of the process. The colour will come back, and then you are ready for your top up. Skin types may vary.

First Top-up

This sencond session is included in the first price for the full treatment.
I will go over the eyebrows with the microblade to fill in any gaps and discuss any concerns you may have.

Voila, you are free to go! Eyebrows looking good!!

Additional Reading

Microblading should last approx 1-2 years. This can vary from skin types to aftercare. For more information about looking after your new eyebrows please read the the Dermagraph Aftercare leaflet, you can read it in your browser or download it and print it. It comes in two parts so don’t forget to view or download both sheets.

Caring for your eyebrows
Download – Aftercare for your eyebrows
Caring for your eyebrows
Download – Aftercare for your eyebrows



Microbladed eyebrows