Before we start

Drawing on your microbladed eye brows
Microbladed eye brows – Drawing your brows in preparation.

There is some preparation and paperwork we need to do before your full microbladed eye brows treatment can start.

  1. The consent form needs to be signed  prior to patch test. This can be downloaded, signed and returned at the time of your patch test.
  2. The medical form also needs to be completed prior to the patch test. The form can be completed online.
  3. The patch test needs to be completed at least 72 hours prior to treatment.
  4. When you choose to go ahead with a microblading treatment you will need to use a numbing cream prior to the treatment. This is applied by yourself prior to the treatment. I will let you know where to purchase this from and what cream to use. Microblading is a form of tattooing so slight discomfort is expected. This varies from client to client. Pain is beauty as we all know but with a numbing cream applied this is kept to a minimum.

Lovely eyebrows using semi-permant make up and microblading